Catering Options

Our packages are designed to meet your event needs. They can be fully customized or you can take our handcrafted menus as is!

From our Junior Officer Package to our Chef's VIP Package we have something for everyone!


CPO Appetizer Package

The perfect package to add to any event that needs small and tasty bite size appetizers

Mustang Finger Food Package

This heavy appetizer package is perfectly designed to allow your guests a wide variety of options that will not only fill them up but entertain them as well!


Junior Officer Package

A traveling package with an affordable price and exquisites taste

Executive Officer Package

The perfect package for the Officer who knows what they want. Customize your menu with our options and allow your guests to enjoy your choices!

Commanding Officer Package

A package designed for those who want to give their guests more than one option for their plates. This four course meal is perfect for any occasion!


Admiral's Package

This package is designed to be served to Admirals themselves and their honorable guests. It has a menu that allows for multiple options for every individual. This five course meal is perfect for an special occasion.

Chef's VIP Package

The most exquisite package of them all. The Chef's VIP Package is designed for those looking for a one of a kind four course meal that includes the perfect presentation by the highly esteemed Chef, Chef Geoff.

This package includes unique menu options, that are cooked live for you and your guests. Our Executive Chef will travel to you, prepare, cook, and present the meal to you in the most luxurious way. It truly is the Experience of an Admiral.